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Belvoir 1958The origins of the Hotel Belvoir date back to the late fifties. The foundation stone for the Hotel Belvoir was layed in 1958 in the form of a small guest-house. In 1968 the Family Zumstein took possession.

Klaus und Lisbeth ZumsteinIn the following years Lisbeth and Klaus Zumstein extended the guest-house into a hotel. As one of the first steps the discotheque was positioned under the car park. This Disco became a very widely well-known meeting place for young people, from near and far.

The Family Zumstein put much energy into by improving the hotel and restaurant business and soon the Hotel Belvoir is well-known beyond the region. It pampers its guests with varied culinary dishes served in tasteful surroundings. Its location and wide range are perfect settings for memorable family parties, entertaining events, formal business meetings as well as for pleasant and romantic evenings for two or amongst a circle of friends.

In 1985 the hotel was renovated and extended yet again - the emphasis being on the hotel side this time. More rooms were added and now the hotel boasts 27 rooms and some appartments, too. The luxury and infrastructure now cater for more sophisticated needs.

Mike, Marius, Miriam und Monika ZumsteinIn 1988 Lisbeth and Klaus Zumstein handed the hotel over to the next generation. Mike and Monika Zumstein-Lauber have continued to lead the business with successful adaptions to the changing needs of the hotel guests.

Out of consideration for our hotel guests the discotheque Down Down has been turned into an event and party location for a wide group of people. Today it offers events organized for and by artists, for young people and for those who are still young at heart. Even folkloric occasions are held there.

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